• Anna Bradley

Who is Bill Nickels?

Bill Nickels was born in the Panama Canal, Panama. It was when he was very young they moved to the states. His father died when he was six and his mother worked two jobs to support her three children. Nickels grew up watching his hard-working mother and knew what it took to be successful in life. He started off working factory jobs to grocery bagging until he found his way to college. He attended East Tennessee State University as an Art Major.

Nickels tells a story about how he came to find the art department that shows a confidence many never find, "I started off with a teacher's major. On the first day of class I accidentally walked into an art classroom. There I saw students sitting around a still life, painting. I immediately went to see my advisor and switched to an Art Major."

His art work. Portraits of his mother (Left) and an abstract pencil drawing (Right).

As he was completely his undergraduate he met his wife, Amy Nickels. They begin dating as she is completing her degree in Veterinarian Medicine. Amy and Bill got married in the summer of 1992, and two years later had their first child. They moved to Manchester, TN in 1997 to be closer to Amy's family. Here they raised their three children and both began new jobs.

His wife, Amy Rogers Nickels.

The move is what spurred Nickels to become an insurance agent. He began at a local insurance agency and became a licensed agent in record time. He realized not only how good he was at insurance, but also how important was to be a good agent for the people. By 2005 he decided to open his own insurance agency.

This was when Bill Nickels Insurance Agency was born! Nickels wanted his agency to be a place of trust and loyalty. He will tell anyone that asks that if a client has lost confidence in their agent he will encourage them to find someone they do have confidence in. He works with anyone that comes in the door and if he can't find the best coverage he will show you where you can find it.

Today Bill is an Alderman of Manchester City, his children are grown and starting their own families, and along with his art he is also enjoying breadmaking and learning French! He truly is a man that would give you the coat off his back and expect nothing in return.

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