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5 ways to protect your home this Christmas!

Bill Nickels Insurance is here for you this Christmas and wants everyone to have a safe one!

Here are 4 tips to help keep you and your family safer this holiday season.

Tip number one: Close your blinds at night! Have you ever been walking down the street at night and were able to see everything in a persons house because they had their lights on? This happens at your home to at night. If you close your blinds then thieves can not "window shop" to see what and where all of your valuables are. This is a simple, but effective way to keep your house from looking incising to those looking to steal.

Tip number two: The best way to keep robbers away is by surprising them! If you switch your exterior lights to motion sensor it will not only shine a light on the robbers for everyone to see, but it will also scare them into leaving your home alone. This is a simple fix and will be cheaper then leaving exterior lights on all night long.

Tip number three: It is always a good idea to check your window locks from time to time. This will help by preventing easy access. The first thing thieves will check are the windows to see if you have left any unlocked. If all your windows are locked this might be just enough to deter anyone from breaking in. It is simple, but it works!

Tip number four: This is a hard one to remember, but social media is a hunting ground for thieves! It is very important you don't put out specific details on your social profiles about where you are going and how long you will be gone. The best practice would be to post your pictures from your trip after you return! That way you can still share your fun, but still be safe.

Tip number five: This has to do with your trash from your Christmas presents. If you were a thief and walking around looking for your next house to hit would you be more inclined to hit the house with the new TV box sitting outside or the one that just has a trash can? It is important to break down all your boxes, etc. and put them in the trash can or a trash bag. This will keep the fact that you have a new expensive TV hidden!

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